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Seasonal Yoga Classes

Seasonal Yoga  is a style of Yoga flowing practice which aligns you with the changing energies of nature and the seasons.

It combines Yoga, Tai Chi, mediation and body movement and Yoga Nidra. It also incorporates traditional Chinese Medicine about the changing nature of the seasons around us, and within.

Living within nature of the seasons is something we don't ever discuss,.

The circadian rhythms and in tune with its energy and its natural cycles. 

We need to maintain a balance in energy to keep healthy. 

Traditional Chinese medicine focuses on maintaining the balance to maintain health and prevent illness. The system was invented through observing nature and energy and how the seasons can play a part within the body as well. 

Practing yoga has many advantages whilst incorporating energy within the seasons. Improved strength, posture, flexibility, body awareness, reduced stress, increased circulation, and anxiety as well as promoting positive energy in daily living.

Seasonal Yoga: About
Seasonal Yoga: Our Therapies
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The Wood Element

Liver and Gallbladder Energy lines

Energy  is rising up and moving forward out of winters hard shell. Determined to have strength, standing like the roots in the tree and remain supple and flexible. In spring we curl like a leaf, peeling off layers, setting foundation and anchoring. A yoga practice focusing on foundation within the postures, giving stability and strength.

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